I packed up my bags with clean clothes and left. During the journey I noticed there was a blind passenger in one of its side pockets: a hidden dirty sock. Then I realized there's always that

Dirty sock

In all our lives

and it can surface at any time

I thought of a former lover only then I registered I'll always remember her like she was back then

But like that dirty hiden sock she might have gotten so much dirtier

By now there might be holes inside her she's been trying to mend

Or maybe she's been torn apart completely or else she might have washed up on someone else's shore


Face worries

Brain worries

Teenange worries

Always sorry

Same old story

The older I get the more I wonder not how to impress you but why bother. Why should it matter when puberty is over

Anti age the drug we crave, when we should be happy that at least one things in life is free. B-O-D-Y W-O-R-R-I-E-S

If you don't like me that's okay in fact to fit in it's better that way but at least you had something to say

Mirror, mirror

It's always those you least expect it to me, you might sense it but ignore it until there's no escaping "He's just seeking a thrill"
Mirror, mirror in the hall are you the most sensitive to take a fall? Have you read your Simone de Beauvoir? Are you invincible?
They say that they are shocked, he was so likable. He never even went to the gym I can't beliwve that it's him
Mirror, mirror in the hall are you the most sensitive to take a fall? Have you studied your Michel Foucault? Are you invincible?
Who needs the scene, you or me? Who's the hater, who's the traitor?
Mirror, mirror in the hall are you the most sensitive to take a fall? Have you enjoyed your Cherrie Moraga? Are you invincible?

Behind the curtain

She looks petite but she's a back belt in karate. It suffices that we believe in solidarity.
We work for the government, that's how we get free print. We'll design your website then hack the shit out of it
When we project your movies we splice in queer images of our own. We provide your daily bread and bake in tools when we're imprisoned
We'll make you a cream pie and then throw it in your face. Self-organized muay thai, teach our sisters take a stride
While we did translation for you we gendered it, too. Responsible for your kids we can build a better future
A smily may go a long way but a punch can hit your face. Her sticks wil fly before you step in a cello can become a weapon. You've learned your vocabulary but we can see through your facade. Dye our hair reflective colors they will blind you and your fellas.
It's called feminism, yes it's dangerous, you may knock yourself out, we will burn your house down. We're not burning out you can knock us down.

This relationship will self-destruct

Across the kitchen table you said that you would leave. Forgive me if I don't believe you, you've been saying it for years. >br /> Clap your hands, dance. We can die tomorrow and we will. For what it's worth our hearts are beating still. Cardiovascular activity pays off, you see.
Friendship is a kind of charity, I mean that in the sweetest way, so won't you introduce me, I could win them over easily at the bottom of the sea of drowning evening melody.
It's a challenge to make you laugh but I cooked you this dinner so be happy and shut up. Cough up the courage and don't mess it up.


Why is it so important for you to beleive that you can't believe what you want? Why is it so important for you to say that you can't say what you want?
Everyone's opinions is an ideology but yours. But isn't that an ideology?
Your definition of a fact is that you say it's one. Your definition of the truth is that you agree with it. That I don't like you is not censorship. That you're not famous isn't based on conspiracy.
Stop talking about yourself as "we", stop talking about yourself in the third person, stop talking about yourself as "people", stop talking about yourself as "everyone". Instead own up to your shit.

I define

Closed circuit, you pass through me like a shock. High voltage, you're everywhere but I am not
You used a concept that was meant to build a fortress and abused it in a conflicht to buy love or what you thought it was. My protection vanishes with every drop of your antidote to your self-inflicted wounds (I am lost and you're the cause)

Brie Larson

I first saw her when she sat in cake. The next instalment there was so much more at stake. Locked inside a book for years for fear of copycats then realizing with tears this was already the age of the rat.
She's a model of resilience, she's a model of brilliance.
There are so many film critics, they're self-important, white, male and old. They don't beleive in stories that have yet been untold. In the academy they finally had to take her seriously. But what's unheard of yet is how she stopped giving a shit.